Nothing Protects like Steel

Why Wiebe's is the Right Choice for your Commercial Structure

Our expertise in commercial buildings, regardless of complexity, will ensure a successful project. With years of experience across numerous commercial and industrial projects, we are well equipped to provide efficient and high quality steel building erecting services.

Years of Experience

Wiebe's boasts extensive experience in erecting steel buildings both independently and as a trusted sub-contractor for a variety of General Contractors.

Our flexibility and reliability make us the go-to choice for projects of any scale. Whether leading an installation from start to finish or collaborating seamlessly with other contractors, we bring our expertise and dedication to every job.

An aerial platform raised to the ceiling of a pre-engineered steel structure under construction
In 2016, Wiebe's installed two 80,000-square-foot warehouses as a subcontractor for Graham Construction.

Workmanship Quality

We take pride in delivering not only exceptional buildings but also unparalleled service. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that every project is completed to the highest standards, offering a guarantee on both the quality of our buildings and our services.
  • “Wiebe’s did an excellent job on our shop. I couldn’t be happier. Arranging for a new structure here in Churchill is a big ordeal, but they handled it really well, even with the railroad closed at the time. Wiebe’s coordinated the entire supply by sea and were accommodating to my requests during construction. We used to do maintenance on our Arctic Crawlers outside, and never in the winter. Now the winter is when we do most of our maintenance thanks to the shop!”

    Wally Daudrich
    LazyBear Expeditions

Extensive Service Capabilities

At Wiebe's, we go beyond constructing buildings. We offer a wide range of additional services to meet all your construction needs:
Steel Building Package Supply
Along with our installation services, we can supply steel building packages for our clients.
A commercial pre-engineered steel structure with several vehicles parked in front.
Wiebe's handled the supply and installation of this commercial building on 5 Fast Lane, Headingley, MB
Doors & Windows
We handle the supply and installation of doors and windows based on the design requirements of the structure.
Commercial Doors
We handle the supply and installation of overhead and/or bifold doors, customized to your required size, materials, use-case, etc., and we have the ability to install sliding hangar doors.
We handle the supply and installation of your chosen insulation systems, ranging from standard cavity-fill insulation to thermal roof and wall systems and insulated metal panels.
Workers at a height installing an insulated metal wall panel.
Wiebe's has installed insulated metal panels for a number of clients across multiple industries.
Roof Curbs
We can handle the supply and install of roof curbs.
On-Site Welding
Thanks to our CWB certification, we offer professional on-site welding to ensure the structural integrity of your building.
A blue and white logo with the letters "CWB" on a gray background.
A black, white and yellow logo with the words "National Cor Standard" inside a black circle

Commitment to Safety

Safety is our top priority at Wiebe's. We adhere to comprehensive safety practices, backed by extensive documentation and procedures designed to minimize risk on every project. Our dedication to maintaining a safe working environment is reflected in our COR certification, ensuring we meet the highest safety standards in the industry.