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Our People

At Wiebe's Steel Structures we have handled a wide variety of commercial projects for clients. We couldn't have done it without our dedicated staff. Our employees have spent most of their lives working in the construction business and know the in's and out's of building requirements.

Core Values

Over the years we have built our expertise and abilities on many projects. Wiebe’s possesses the knowledge, skill, and resources necessary to deliver uncompromising value and quality in all of our projects. With our attention to detail and dedication to delivering the highest quality work possible, you can rest assured knowing that your project is in the hands of an extremely talented and knowledgeable team of employees.

Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for. From the bottom to the top, these values are ingrained in our actions, every day.

Means dedication to the wellbeing of our team, clients, subcontractors and the communities in which we work.

Is never to be compromised.

Is crucial to driving creative solutions.

Means honouring our responsibilities to our employees, clients, the environment and society as a whole.

Drives our corporate philosophy, operations, and achievements.

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We believe that safety is everybody’s responsibility, every minute of every day on every job. Our goal is to create and sustain an environment and culture where everybody understands, accepts, and actively shares in this responsibility – knowing that the lives that we are affecting extend well beyond our own.

To this end, Wiebe’s Steel Structures commits that every reasonable effort shall be made in the interest of accident prevention to provide for safe and healthy working conditions, to eliminate hazards that can cause injury to workers or damage to property and equipment, and to promote a culture of shared accountability.

We will work with our employees, our subcontractors, our clients and our suppliers in a spirit of consultation and co-operation to achieve this. We will work with our employees both directly and through their safety representatives and their joint health and safety committees.